Marshfield: Lynch tosses name into Board of Selectmen race

Four candidates are in the running for one open seat on the Board of Selectmen in Marshfield.

Longtime candidate Steven Lynch is quoted as saying that “we have some really important spending articles that really have to do with the quality of life. You, the Marshfield residents, have to have democracy, and to have democracy you must have choice, and its clear that I’m the only one, who has really stuck up for the people in Marshfield, who live on fixed incomes, that don’t’ have a lot of disposable income. I’ve always voted against spending articles at town meeting that I thought were unneeded.”

We asked Lynch where he stands on some of the issues facing the town.

He said that as far as the seawalls go, they are an important part of the town’s infrastructure because Marshfield is a beach community, and they need to be paid for out of the tax levy.

Lynch also noted that voters have to remember that there are many people in town on fixed incomes, who can’t afford any increase in taxes, and it’s not fair to put that kind of pressure on them, referring to the cost of a new high school that is being proposed.

Lynch said that, in his opinion, the current high school is structurally sound. And, instead of building a new high school, the Capital Expenditure Committee could vote to have the roof repaired. Lynch is joined by three other candidates running for a seat on the Board of Selectmen.

They are Steve Robbins, Michael Bradley and John Feeney.

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