Plymouth: Selectman asks to reconsider car dealership article

Author: Bobbi Clark

Town Meeting spoke last Saturday and said no to car dealerships at Colony Place because the commercial zone is located in an aquifer protection district.

But at an unusual Thursday afternoon Selectmen’s meeting, Selectman Matt Muratore proposed that a special town meeting be held to reconsider the matter.

“Originally, I wanted to do that because the town meeting members did not get a fair, and I think equitable, town meeting with this article with regard to the aquifer issue that people wanted some questions on. They specifically at town meeting asked for David Gould,” said Muratore.

David Gould, the town’s Environmental Manager, was not present when the zoning change issue was discussed and so could not answer questions directed to him by some town meeting members.  But Selectman Dick Quintal said town meeting members do their homework and he would not support a special town meeting. Town meeting member Paul Hapgood said that at least fifty percent of town meeting members would be annoyed by it.

Selectman Chair Bill Hallisey mentioned consulting the developers concerning their time table.

“If they feel that the people that they have that wanted to build a car dealership would be willing to wait until the fall town meeting, then we would take that under consideration and if we feel that the urgency is that much stronger, then obviously we would bring it back to this board and we would basically take a vote to see whether we want to have a special town meeting to introduce this,” said Hallisey.

Selectmen meet next Tuesday night at 7 p.m.

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