Quincy: Two arrested and charged for armed home invasion

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Quincy police say they have arrested two suspects, and are closing in on the remaining members of a group that invaded a home Thursday with knives and robbed the residents there.

Quincy Police Captain John Dougan said they were called to 66 Rawson Road around 11:30 a.m. Thursday where four black males had forced their way into the home, one wielding a machete and another with a hunting knife.

Two suspects have been arrested and charged: 18-year-old Steve Raymond of Brockton, who is charged with home invasion and 18-year-old Hughens Pierrot of Brockton, who is charged with home invasion and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Dougan said they believe the men were at the home to sell one of residents a quarter of a pound of marijuana when the drug deal went sour. Dougan also said they have a good idea of the identities of the other two suspects, and expect to get arrest warrants for them on Friday.


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