Cohasset: Town meeting votes yes to wind turbine by-law amendment and community septic loans

Cohasset town meeting voted yes on an article by the alternative energy committee to amend the wind turbine zoning by-law, to such a degree that it virtually eliminates any possibility of them being built in Cohasset. However, planning board member Stuart Ivimey says if the town doesn’t want wind turbines, they should just do away with the by-law.

“The reason I think these amendments are a bad idea, is because it effectively eliminates wind turbines. If we are going to eliminate them, let’s just withdraw the by-law. I don’t think we should eliminate them by regulation and legislatively do away with them in a manner that some might say, although I don’t agree, is in a back door manner, making it impossible to have them built,” said Ivimey.

Town meeting also voted yes to a board of health article calling for the issuance a $3 million bond under the state’s community septic loan program. That will help Little Harbor residents get loans to connect to the town’s sewer system. The town will borrow the money at 0% interest then re-loan it at a 2% rate.

Cohasset homeowners are mandated by the state to connect to the sewer system by July 2012. The capital planning board says it doesn’t support the article because they didn’t meet with the board of heath to vet the proposal. But Andrew Quigley says residents have been promised action on this issue for years.

Quigley said, “We were promised this low income hookup program back in 2003, 2004 and 2005 by every board who spoke to us – the board of health, sewer commission and selectmen. For our town officials not to have been able to get to together to work this out at the eleventh hour is just very disappointing.”

Town meeting finished voting on all the articles on the warrant.

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