Marshfield: Officials vote to suspend Brant Rock liquor store license

Marshfield selectmen held a liquor license violation hearing Monday night and charged the Brant Rock Package and Variety Store with selling alcohol to a minor twice in two days.

The first incident occurred June 1 during a routine surveillance, when police say they caught a 19 year coming out of the store with 2 cases of beer.

The incident prompted police to go back the very next day to conduct a sting operation. During the sting the store owner carded the 20 year old female police informant, but still sold her a six pack of beer.

Police described the incident, saying, “The informant reported that she entered the store, then got the beer from the cooler and brought it to the counter, where she was then asked for identification. She produced her license, which states that she’s twenty years old. The clerk checked the license and then took her money. She then took the beer and exited the store.”

However, the store owner says he sold alcohol to the informant because she was shaking,  said she had diabetes and he felt sorry for her.

“I sold beer to that girl. I’m really sorry for that. When I checked her I.D., her hand was shaking. I asked why her hand was shaking and she told me she was a diabetic. I told her, ‘If you’re a diabetic, you should not drink. It’s not good for your health.’ Because her hand was shaking, my attention diverted to that,” said the owner.

Selectmen voted to suspend the Brant Rock Package Store’s liquor license for a period of two days, July 22 and 23.


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