Boston: Amtrak service to resume between NYC and Boston

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Amtrak plans to restore service between New York City and Boston, including all Acela Express trains and most Northeast Regional service, on Tuesday.

Amtrak says most Northeast Regional service will operate south of Philadelphia, but no Acela Express, Northeast Regional or other Amtrak trains can operate north of Philadelphia to New York.

Also Tuesday, the Maple Leaf will operate between Toronto and Niagara Falls only, with no Empire Service trains on the Niagara Falls/Buffalo-Albany-New York Route. The Adirondack will operate between Montreal and Albany/Rensselaer only.

Floodwaters remained Monday on the tracks in Trenton used by Amtrak and commuter trains. They were submerged by the floodwaters of the Assunpink Creek, which Hurricane Irene raised to record levels.


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