Marshfield: Neighbors lash out against model high school proposal

Marshfield selectmen held an open forum Thursday night and heard from residents about various issues and concerns.

One group of residents lashed out about an option for a new model high school, which they say, is just too close to their properties.

A group of Tilden Road residents voiced their concerns to Selectman and School Building member Matt McDonough, about one of three options being considered for a new model high school.

The residents say that option A will ruin their neighborhood, because of the close proximity of the building to their homes.

One resident told Selectman McDonough, “You guys had people stand up there and pretty much say that plan A is what you want and that plan B and C are just not as good. You said that we’ll just have to live with it and if we can come up with ways to mitigate our problems, then you’ll try and help us with that. But frankly, there’s no mitigation, other than removing the school from 250 feet from our properties.”   

However, McDonough says that although the public hearing on the issue was closed last Tuesday, the committee has not yet made any decision on a final plan.

“We have absolutely not made a decision and haven’t had our deliberation portion of our meeting yet. We as committee members asked some questions and went back and forth with some of the neighbors on Tuesday night, but there was no deliberation on the actual plans. I’m looking forward to having a few more options presented to us, before we make our decision next Wednesday night,” McDonough said.  

The residents are also concerned that since the public hearing is closed, they won’t be able to comment to the committee on any new or alternative proposals.


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