Whitman: Exterminator battling a swarm of wasps at town hall

Whitman Officials have recently been waging a battle to eradicate a species of wasp that has ‘stormed’ their town hall, according to Town Administrator Frank Lynam.

“We have a couple of wasps that look a little like B1 Bombers that have been circling the area in font of the town hall lawn,” Lynam said, describing the infestation. “I understand they are called ‘cicada wasps’ that go after the cicada bugs in the trees, then dig holes and tunnels and lay their eggs there.”

Lynam says the larvae then feed on the dead cicada bugs.

These particular wasps are quite large, and can vary in size from half an inch, to 2 inches long. Environmental sources say that their colors may often  resemble that of yellow jackets, and the females are often larger than the males.

Lynam says an exterminator has visited the town hall on South Avenue at least six times, trying different treatments from electric zappers, to environmentally friendly bug killer, to a more potent chemical.

“These are insects that apparently do come out this time of year,” said Lynam. ”They are a natural occurrence, and from what I understand they are occuring throughout the area.”

Lynam says that recently the population of the wasps has decreased, but some still remain.

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