Hanson: Beekeepers make 100lbs of pure honey

Sunday afternoon, members of the Plymouth County Beekeepers Association met at their Hanson clubhouse to make pure honey. According to member John Philips, also known as John the Bee-man, the club meets two to three times a year to extract honey from hives that individual members set up on their own property.

First year member, Henry Serenato was attracted to the club after visiting the organization’s booth at the Marshfield Fair. Owning a small farm in Middleboro, Serenato felt it was fitting to join the club.

“They offer you a package deal where they give you a book and classes and annual membership so we decided to try it. We bought a package of bees this spring and set up a hive and so we’re learning as we go,” said Seranato

Philips explained how they obtain the sweet nectar from the hives, “These are honey supers where the bees put the honey; special supers on top of the hive. So what we’re doing today is we’re extracting the honey. We’re putting it in buckets; we’ll bottle it later on. Some sell it, some give it as Christmas gifts, or they use it for themselves depending on how much they have.”

But the club has found multiple uses for the wax scraped off the honeycombs, “I sell candles, I sell quite a few at the Marshfield Fair and I sell honey and a lot of other people from the club sell at the Marshfield Fair also. So we make a little bit there, but the club itself is non-profit.”

After four hours, the beekeepers believe they collected one hundred pounds of honey.

(Honey super that collects honey from hive)

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