Braintree: The fight for Mayor turns ugly

Wednesday night, Braintree Town Hall was filled with hopeful candidates running in the 2011 regular town election. The 31 candidates running in the election got two minutes each to win voters over during a public forum hosted by the Town Clerk and Board of Registrars.

The 1st Mayor of Braintree Joe Sullivan is running for a 2nd four year term against opponent Paul Walsh.

Walsh ran for Mayor back in 2007 and believes that Braintree needs a conservative business man. However, within the one hundred twenty seconds he was given he targeted Mayor Sullivan, “Our property taxes are up and our home values are down. The Mayor has ignored the out of control drug and crime problems; however he never misses an opportunity for a photo op. I will be a hands on Mayor that will be available to all residents and not just a select few, and I will not have my Chief of Staff running the town.”

Mayor Sullivan seemed surprised by Walsh’s criticism and campaign tactic, “I don’t know the gentlemen very well; I’m really not looking to engage him. He’s taken a different approach to this campaign then I have, I’m going to remain positive. I think we have two different views of Braintree. I think Braintree is doing well and I think we’re prepared to have another strong four years.”

Mayor Sullivan who now has four years of experience feels he can continue to serve Braintree proudly, “In terms of moving forward, we’ve also put a plan in place in terms of making sure our finances our strong, making sure were committed to the fiscal stability of our community. As we move forward, we move forward in a way that is conversational and that is positive for the town of Braintree. I understand the job as Mayor.”

However, opponent Walsh believes his dedication to the town will bring home a win, “A lot of people are saying we need a change and I’m here to give it a change. I don’t want to be a politician and I don’t want to do anything other than be the Mayor of Braintree and when I’m all done being the Mayor of Braintree I don’t want to go on to the State House, I don’t want another job doing this. I’m passionate about what I want to do here and try and fix what’s wrong with the town.”

Polls will be open from 7AM to 8PM Tuesday November 8th. Clerk Powers urged residents to act on their democratic right and vote on all open positions from Councilor-At-Large to School Committee.

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