Brockton: Residents say adjusted water bills still too high

It’s like never-ending water torture for some Brockton residents.

About 75 of the more than 700 people who wrongly received huge retroactive water bills dating back several years have gotten certified letters from the D.P.W.

And those residents are finding they’re still on the hook.

One resident says he was sure the letter he got would say the inflated $23,000 bill he’s been fighting would be forgiven.

Instead, it says he still owes more than $4,000.

It’s because of a new city policy to abate all but the last two years of water usage, plus 14 percent interest.

The letters instruct residents to contact the Brockton D.P.W. within one week to accept or reject the deal.

Some blame D.P.W. Commissioner Michael Thoreson for the water fiasco and say they’re frustrated the $100,000 audit did not find poor accountability and mismanagement, only untrained workers and outdated equipment.

Thoreson denies mismanaging anything, and says the billing plan is a good deal.

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