Plymouth: Senate President Murray confronts health care, economy, and casino bill

Senate President Therese Murray visited Plymouth Wednesday night to confront current issues and answer questions from the Pinehills Men’s Group.

Murray has been regularly involved in health care reform in order to provide affordable coverage to all residents. And even with the recent second phase of health care reform reorganizing how medical records are kept and controlling insurance companies’ price increases, she stated that there is still more work to be done, “Saying that health care costs are still too high, we are going to continue to work and pass a payment reform bill and I know that both the insurance and hospitals and all providers are concerned about how that’s going to work.”

The casino bill that has been lingering around the State House for weeks also received much attention. Now that the bill has been passed by the Senate, details need to be ironed out before handing the legislation to Governor Patrick.

Murray had an optimistic view about the state’s current economic well-being and available employment, “We are ahead of the nation in our economic recovery and that’s a very good thing. We continue to be rated #4 overall for job creation. That doesn’t make the people who don’t have jobs feel good and we’re paying attention to that, which is why we’re trying to get the casino bill moving; we have a lot of people who need jobs.”

She went on to explain that if the casino bill is enacted it could generate 10,000-15,000 permanent jobs with benefits.

A resident also raised a concern about how the state does not require photo identification at the polls. Murray responded by stating, “We don’t have a problem with fraud in our voting”.

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