Plymouth: Town Meeting wraps up business in one night

Plymouth Town Meeting moved quickly through more than 30 warrant articles last night.. The article to create a small meals tax in order to help pay for the 400th anniversary celebration was hotly debated. And, even though the Select Board was unanimous in its opposition to the tax, it passed by a slim margin. Town Meeting member Charles Bleitzer is a manager at East Bay Grill. He told town meeting that enough is enough: “From the restaurant’s point of view, it’s another tax on our customers. They already pay to park. It’s not the right time to have increased taxes in Plymouth.” Resident Mike Hanlon petitioned this article that was threatened with an appeal in the event it passed:“I think if the opponents actually file their petition to repeal it, that’s whenthe hard works going to start.”  Town Moderator Steven Triffletti says another article caused a great deal of discussion: “The most notable would be the purchase of a parcel of land on Plymouth Long Beach for  $850,000, in order to provide the town with access to both sides of Long Beach.” Town meeting member Ginny Davis voted no stating that only those with 4-wheel drive vehicles can go out to Long Beach. “I feel it benefits only a minority. It’s a benefit for 4-wheel drivers.” Environmental Manager David Gould said: “It’s one of those properties, I think,  decades from now, people will realize the foresight that the town had tonight and will appreciate what we’ve done.” Town meeting completed all the articles in one night.

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