Weymouth: Teen arraigned in slaying of family

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Photo Credit // Greg Derr, Patriot Ledger (Pool Photographer)

Prosecutors say a teenager used a knife and hammer to kill his mother, sister and his mother’s boyfriend at their Weymouth home.

Donald Rudolph was sent to a state hospital for a psychiatric evaluation after not guilty pleas to three murder charges were entered on his behalf at his arraignment Monday.

Prosecutors say the 18-year-old Rudolph stabbed 52-year-old Frederick Medina in the house several times. A small bean-bag doll was found stuffed in Medina’s mouth.

Authorities say 24-year-old Caylin Rudolph was stabbed and beaten, while 50-year-old Paula Rudolph was beaten.

The women were found in the garage.

The bodies were found Thursday by officers who went to the home after a neighbor reported suspicious activity.

Donald Rudolph did not live at the home.

His lawyer said Rudolph has no recollection of what happened.

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