Marshfield: Dog nuisance hearing pits neighbor against neighbor

Selectmen held a dog nuisance hearing Monday night.

The Griffin family of 147 Telegraph Hill Road is raising 5 huge Tibetan Mastiffs, their 7 puppies and one German Sheppard at their home, which is licensed as a kennel.

Next door neighbor Neil Costello told the Marshfield Board of Selectmen that dog’s loud and incessant barking has been driving him crazy.

“My blood pressure is through the roof right now. My father passed away a year ago. He was a Navy World War 2 combat veteran and he was buried with my mother at the Bourne Cemetery. Being Irish Catholic, we all came back to my home after the burial. I could give you a hundred witnesses from the sign in book from the funeral home and they listened to every dog bark, for 8 to 10 hours, no exaggeration. I have been repeatedly embarrassed when I’ve had guests in my own home and the first thing they say is, ‘how do you put up with that noise all day long?’ Costello said.”

Costello used some rather loud language himself to describe what he feels is the Griffin’s view him as some sort of crank, complaining every time a dog barks.

Costello said, “Excuse my French, but your dogs can s*#! in my yard and your kids can play all they want – I’m not going to say anything. But now, all of a sudden, because I can’t even think in my home, I’m a bad guy?”

Selectmen ordered the Griffin’s to put up a solid fence, provide behavioral training and electronic bark collars when the dogs are outside and to use the bark collars on any dog that continuously barks inside the house.

The Griffin’s could also face a zoning violation for operating a kennel in a residential neighborhood.


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