Norwell: Town benefactor Eleanor Norris turns 100yrs. old

First Parish Church in Norwell was crowded Saturday afternoon with residents happy to celebrate alongside Eleanor Norris for her 100th birthday. As a result of Norris’ gracious donation, the town of Norwell has enjoyed the Norris Reservation for over forty years. In 1970, Norris decided to donate some 100 acres to the Trustees of Reservations in memory of her late husband Albert who passed away in 1962.

Ralph Gordon is a friend of Norris’ and is thankful for her kindness to preserve natural habitats and green space in Norwell, “I think to have given the gift she did, there aren’t a handful of people in the country who would have done it. She’s pretty exceptional.”

Bob Dwyer said the work Norris has done to create the reservation is extraordinary, “A place where people can enjoy this wonderful this wonder setting, and the North River, and walk the trails. If that had not been given to the town it would be now off limits to the town’s people. That is really saying so much.”

Congressman William Keating attended Norris’ birthday party on Saturday with gifts from President Obama as well as Congress, “The gift that you and your husband gave, the reservation, will pass on generation to generation, far exceeding a hundred years. So I would like to be a part of giving you the American tradition of a letter from the President of the United States and I have as well from Congress a Congressional record commemorating your achievements for a hundred years.”

All donations given for Norris’ 100th birthday will be used to maintain the Norris Reservation in Norwell.

Eleanor Norris will be 100 years old on Monday December 5th.

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