VIDEO–New Hampshire: A day at the polls

Voters in Salem, NH cast their votes for their nominee.

After a week of anticipation since the Iowa caucuses, New Hampshire voters were finally able to cast their “first in the nation” vote for the presidential nominee. In typical Granite State fashion, many voters said they waited until the final days, some the final hours, before making up their minds. Voters told us they take the responsibility of first vote seriously–and it showed.

Watch the video.

“My name is Colleen. I go to B.U. I’m from Salem. I’ve wanted to vote, I haven’t voted before. It’s a good fun vibe to vote, especially for the first time. Reporter: ‘Do you know who you’re going to vote for?’ I think Huntsman, it came down to Huntsman and Romney for me. My family is from Massachusetts and I didn’t really want to vote Romney.” (Colleen Gill, 20, Republican, Nuclear Chemistry major at Boston University)

“I’m Marcia Healey. I’m retired and I’m voting for Newt Gingrich. I like the fact that he knows American history, so we will be less likely to repeat it. I like his record. I like everything about him for the country. He’s my man.” (Marcia Healey, 69, Republican, retired)

“My name is Bill Klessens, I live in Salem, New Hampshire. I worked for Verizon for 25 years. I retired a few years ago, and I have plenty of time to do stuff like this. Reporter: ‘Why did you come out to support President Obama today?’ I think he’s done overall a pretty darn good job considering the cards he was dealt, and would like to give him four more years to complete it. As for the Republicans go, it’s gone pretty well the way I kind of figured it would happen six months ago. Romney’s done very well, and not that I’m a huge Romney fan, but he’s had good organization. He hasn’t made any slip ups or anything. He’s done well enough in the debates. I think he’s going to take New Hampshire pretty handily today.” (Bill Klessens, 59, undeclared, retired)

“My name is Lisa Rooney, I’m from Salem, and we own our own company in Plaistow, N.H. This is my nephew, it’s the first time he’s been to the polls. So yes, I took my kids when they were little too. I think it’s a great way to introduce them to the process. Reporter: ‘What brought you out into the polls today?’ Healthcare would be one. Trying to repeal Obamacare is very big for us because we have ten employees. So I voted for Mitt Romney.” (Lisa Rooney, 51, undeclared, Owner of Rooney’s Sheet Metal and Fabrications in Plaistow, NH)

“I’m Tim Shaw. I’m currently unemployed and I’m from Salem New Hampshire. Reporter: ‘Do you have a candidate in mind that you want to vote for’ Mitt Romney Reporter: ‘And why’s that?’ Because he’s more middle of the road and I think he’ll unite the United States. Obama is on an apology tour, he’s ashamed of the United States, nothing I agree with. Reporter: ‘What do you think of New Hampshire being first in the nation?’ It’s great, because we get to voice our opinions and people are paying attention. If we were number 50, nobody would pay attention to us, it would all be over.” (Tim Shaw, 51, Republican, Unemployed)

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