Brockton: Key healthcare vote looms

The Brockton City Council reconvenes Monday night to take another vote on whether to join the state’s health care plan.

Seven of the 11 councilors will be making a decision that will affect their own wallets.

Those seven get their health insurance through the city, and would pay more for health care coverage if Brockton becomes part of the plan.

The vote comes one week after the city council’s Finance Committee, which includes all eleven members, voted unanimously against any changes without union approval.

Most Brockton municipal employees currently have $5 copays and no annual deductible.

A deductible would be instituted under the state plan, and copays would go up.

Because the city council has to take a vote, and no action can be taken without a majority, the council will invoke the “rule of necessity”, allowing everyone to participate regardless of any conflict of interest.

Councilors have said they’d vote against the measure, to protect the rights of city workers and retirees.

Having Brockton on the state health insurance plan would save the city and estimated $5 million the first year.

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