Duxbury: Facilities manager position doubtful in FY13; Pilgrim Watch asks for community support

Duxbury is ready to welcome a new town position; but there may not be enough money in the budget for the job. 

Monday night, Selectmen Chair Shawn Dahlen formally asked the Duxbury Finance Director in the form a vote to crunch numbers one more time in order for a possible new position of facilities manager to fit in the fiscal 2013 budget.

Duxbury residents will vote on March 10th at town meeting whether or not to employ this full-time position.

However, Finance Director John Madden, displeased with Dahlen’s motion, said there’s only $6,000 left in the budget to play with and departments will have to suffer more cuts to fund this position, “With the schools, the funds we could provide for them were $500,000 less than they feel they needed. Will they part with more money two weeks before town meeting? I don’t know you’d have to ask them.”

The Duxbury Town Manager also stated he has funding concerns. If the town votes in favor of hiring a buildings administrator, the new position may not be filled until the budget allows it in fiscal 2014.

Also, with only three months away from license expiration, the fight against Plymouth’s nuclear power station rages on in Duxbury. Pilgrim Watch activist Mary Lampert is asking for the town’s cooperation in the form of a town meeting article to not support re-licensing the Pilgrim Plant until safety issues are solved.

According to Lampert, the Chair of the U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission is the only member on the five-person board who believes problems such as fuel storage need to be fixed now, “The public push as opposed to just the industry lobbyists would help sway the other commissioners so that we get the protection that we clearly deserve.”

The nuclear commission issues power plant licenses and will play a vital role in the future of Pilgrim. Lampert stated Marshfield, Kingston, and Plymouth’s town meetings will also have articles asking for community support against re-licensing.

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