Pembroke: Town Administrator offers an almost balanced budget

In Pembroke, Selectmen and the Advisory Committee met in a joint session Monday night to hear Town Administrator Ed Thorne’s preliminary budget. All present welcomed news of savings and a nearly balanced budget.

At this point in the budget process, Pembroke has to close a gap of $75,000 out of a $55 million budget.

Pembroke instituted a curbside recycling program this year that will save more than $100,000 in solid waste expense next year. Capping the landfill cost $100,000 less than the project’s budget. The state paid its share of a loan to rehab the Hobomock Elementary school six years ahead of schedule, saving taxpayers $225,000 in interest payments.

“We’ve been able to come in very close to a balanced budget,” Thorne said. “We’re going to tweak a few revenue line items and a couple of expenditures, but, basically, we’re pretty much on line.”



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