Plymouth: Curbside trash pickup may be coming to town

The town of Plymouth is in the preliminary stages of providing curbside trash pick-up, possibly set to begin in September. About fifteen vendors attended a pre-proposal bidding briefing last week in response to the town’s RFP for curbside trash pick-up. Bidders will be calculating on the basis of about 18.000 households. DPW Director Jonathan Beder explained what vendors will be bidding on: “They’re going to be bidding on a couple of things—it’s the collection of curbside trash and recycling. The trash, we’re looking for a weekly pick-up  and recycling, we’re looking for bi-weekly.”

Bids are due March 27th.  In addition to the DPW Director, several town officials will be present at the private opening of the bids. Beder continued: “The town manager, the chief procurement officer, the finance director—we will  evaluate them—it’s a traditional RFP, where we have criteria that’s in the RFP,  and we will make a recommendation to the Board of Selectman.”

Beder says feasibility will all come down to the numbers:  “We’re anticipating cost for the first year, between I’d say two hundred to two fifty. And if it’s higher than that, we’ll really have to think twice about it.”

Yearly dump stickers now cost $186. At this point, it is expected that the sale of dump stickers for next year will be delayed. If curbside pick-up is implemented as planned, only the Manomet dump will remain open.

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