Hanover: Neighbors outraged over affordable housing project proposal

The applicant  for the Woodland Village 40 B affordable housing proposal across from the Hanover Mall, presented the Zoning Board of Appeal with a third proposal that changes the number and type of units from 152 for sale condo units, approved by the board with a long list of conditions, to 200 affordable rental units.

The applicant says this plan actually cuts the number of bedrooms from 406 to 360.

However, the neighbors are dead set against it and are concerned about everything from flooding the schools with kids, to dealing with more traffic, to creating a strain on town services.

“The access to Route 53 to Woodland Drive, as it is right now, is almost impossible, all during the morning and evening rush hour and most of the time during the day. We have school buses up and down that street all day long. We’ll have more school buses, plus an additional amount of students into the school system. I don’t see this benefiting the town in any way at all!” the neighbor said.

Another neighbor worries that the 40 B project would create dire consequences for both the neighborhood and for Hanover. She said, “I just think that going from the original proposal of 152 for sale units to 200 rental units is a housing project. We are going to have a project in our neighborhood that will be disastrous to both our neighborhood and to our community. Crime, schools, septic, sewage; it’s just a disaster. We as a community and as a neighborhood cannot let this happen!”

Reports on the impact to traffic, schools and town services are expected when the hearing continues, April 25.


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