Hanson: New elementary school becomes likely option, highway surveyor legislation goes to state for vote

A feasibility study that started in March to examine the Maquan pre-K through 2nd grade Elementary School has expanded its assessment to the Indian Head School.

Tuesday night Hanson Selectmen approved sending three options to the Mass School Building Authority to either build a new Maquan School, renovate Indian Head to become a pre K through 5th grade school, or tear down both and build a joint school from ground up.

If the town goes with a brand new combined school, Memorial Hall, which is connected to the Indian Head School, would be demolished. Bruce Young from the Historical Commission said the veterans’ plaques should be moved regardless,“Not too many people know that those World War I, World War II memorials are even there. And if you’re going to go through this whole scenario of building the new school and you’re not going to hold town meetings there and you’re not improving the auditorium at all, than to me it makes perfect sense to move those memorials up to the new middle school where town meetings take place, where plays take place, where dance recitals take place.”

A final project option will be submitted to the MSBA in October for approval. Based on an expected 56% reimbursement, if Hanson goes with a new combined elementary school the town’s share will be $26.5 million dollars.

Hanson’s State Representative Dan Webster didn’t attend the Selectmen’s meeting but relayed the message to Town Administrator Rene Read that he got the ‘okay’ from the House council to move forward with a vote.

 “He was going to file it with the Clerk of the House today and then it will move through the House, move through the Senate, and then ultimately approved by the Governor,” said Read

 Administrator Read read the original article voted in approval during May’s town meeting which could alter the fate of current Highway Surveyor Robert Brown who was just elected to the position a month ago, “The elected incumbent holding office as of the effective date of this act shall continue to hold such office and perform duties thereof until an appointment to the position is made at such time the position of elected Highway Surveyor shall be abolished and the term of the incumbent terminated.”

In this year’s annual election, the position of Highway Surveyor was the most challenged race with four opponents however it was only for a one-year term.

Administrator Read said he expects the state’s decision on the legislation to change the position to appointed, by the end of the summer.

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