Kingston: Selectmen ratify Town Administrator’s forced leave

Why did Kingston Chairman of Selectmen Joe Casna place Town Administrator James Thomas on paid administrative leave at the end of the business day Thursday? Casna has not explained.

When Selectmen met Tuesday night, the question continued unanswered, even as Kingston’s labor counsel John Clifford advised the board to ratify Casna’s decision. They did, with new Selectman Sue Munford recusing herself. A Kingston police sergeant, she had publicly questioned Thomas’s conduct before her election.

Clifford also advised caution regarding what he called “improper conduct” on the part of Thomas.

Selectmen spent two minutes on the matter. Only selectman Ron Gleason, who voted with the majority, voiced an objection.

“I’ve always been a strong supporter of Jim Thomas and I continue to be today,” Gleason said. “I don’t like what was done or how it was done and the only reason I’m voting in the affirmative is because of the chairman.”

Kingston Selectmen closed the public meeting and went into executive session with labor counsel Clifford to discuss pending litigation.


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Charles Mathewson is a reporter at WATD.