Plymouth: Town to send counsel to Atomic Safety and Licensing Board hearings in Boston

Hearings will be held in Boston this week by the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board. These hearings will deal with safety issues that have been raised by the Fukushima disaster—and how they have been dealt with by the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant. The matter was discussed at the Plymouth Selectmen’s meeting Tuesday night.

Town Manager Melissa Arrighi told the Board of Selectmen that the town will be represented at the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board hearings:

“Appeal processes have been started, adjudicatory hearings, at the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board, and because of that we felt that it was important that Duane Morris Attorney Sheila Hollis, who represents us in negotiations with the power plant, be present.”

Selectman Ken Tavares said that in dealing with the nuclear plant, the town has played nice long enough and nothing happens. He repeated his recommendation concerning uniting with other nuclear communities:

“When I was on the Board a few years ago, I talked about the fact that the only way we can start to get any recognition from the federal government is for them to listen to communities as a group. One by one we have no power; together we do.”

Selectman Belinda Brewster said that when Tavares first suggested it, she began organizing the Coalition of Nuclear Communities, and told the Board that the group soon will have a web-site in place. There are 104 nuclear communities in 31 states.

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