Rockland: Man charged with dealing heroin in school zone

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Rockland Police say it’s a major drug bust.

A Rockland man was arrested Sunday on distribution of heroin and weapons charges.

Police Chief John Llewellyn said after a lengthy investigation, Detective James Casper arrested 23 year old Robert Hackett of Rockland for alleged possession of 45 bags heroin, with intent to distribute in a school zone.

“After over a year’s worth of investigation by Detective Casper, it all came together Sunday and he was able to place Mr. Hackett under arrest. At the time of the arrest, Mr. Hackett had 45 bags of heroin in his possession, which we believe to be trafficking weight, which is a lengthy felony. We also got a 38 caliper revolver”, Llewellyn said.

Police allege that Hackett has been dealing heroin in Rockland, for years.

“We believe that Mr. Hackett has been a major supplier of heroin in the town of Rockland for a very long time now; sometimes, unfortunately, with tragic results”. Chief Llewellyn explained.

The police chief said the drug bust should make a major dent in the supply of heroin entering Rockland.



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