Cohasset: Town imposes fines/revocations for trash transfer station offenders

Cohasset is cracking down on offenders that abuse the rules at the town’s trash transfer station.

Selectmen voted to impose stiff fines and penalties for residents that abuse their trash transfer station privileges.

Those fines and penalties, recommended by Acting Town Manager Mike Milanoski, consist of a four step process.

“At first there’s a written warning for those that don’t follow the appropriate procedures, like not using blue bags and other types of inappropriate disposal. For the second violation they would be issued a $50.00 fine from the police department. The third offense would be a $100.00 fine and the fourth would be to revoke their privilege to use the transfer station for six months”, Milanoski said.

All the transfer station stickers are in a database that’s provided to the police department.      

Milanoski says he’s also looking into what’s called a vehicular access control system: a high-tech attempt to snag trash transfer station offenders.

“Vehicular access control system. This is something that used in Plymouth. It’s kind of like when you’re on the turnpike and you have the easypass that identifies the actual code, but it also looks at your license plate with a camera. This would be a similar type system. We’re not ready to move on that at this point, but it’s something that Merle’s asked us to look into and we are”, Milanoski explained.


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