Brockton: Pair charged in fatal shooting

Two Brockton men are facing numerous charges, including murder after one of them allegedly shot and killed a 36-year-old city man.  Authorities say Lonnie Robinson of Brockton was shot in the chest during an argument with the suspects in the driveway of a Perkins St. apartment building Friday night. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital. Prosecutors allege that Robinson and a passenger parked their vehicle in the driveway before 24-year-old Jerome Almonor and 28-year-old Dominic Tassy pulled up behind them and entered the building. A verbal altercation began when the men left the building and Almonor pulled a sawed-off shotgun from his pants, shot Robinson and fled with Tassy. Almonor faces murder, assault, possession of a sawed-off shotgun and other charges. Tassy was charged with being an accessory after murder. The two men are scheduled to be arraigned Monday.


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