Hull: Dispute over a bird feeder reveals bad blood between neighbors

Gail Kansky of Hull says she is being bullied and harassed by the town to remove a bird feeder from her deck believing that neither the birds nor their feces cause a health risk. Testimony continued Monday in Brockton Housing Court.

The 70-year old woman says that since she moved into her beach front home 38-years ago she sporadically tosses food to the pigeons and sparrows on her property but while testifying in court it was discovered that Kansky began feeding them full-time, “It was last fall that I started feeding them on a regular basis because of an incident that got me very angry. Lindsey Tosches got very upset that a bird had made a dropping on her friend’s car and just started screaming at me but for so long and for so loud that it woke up my son who was working nights.”

Kansky and her husband live in Needham but she testifies that just this past winter she returned to her summer home in Hull numerous times only to refill a makeshift bird feeder.

Kansky’s neighbors say the feeder along her tossing food onto ground attracts hundreds of hostile birds, however they say Kansky now only leaves out the feeder.

An expert witness in pest management says in order for the neighborhood bird population to decrease, feeding by Kansky must completely stop.

“I think minimizing the food is going to make this large group of birds even more competitive and its really going to stress them out. Certain species of birds are more aggressive with one another and the sparrows are in that camp,” says Jonathan Boyer from Ecological Entomology

The Hull woman admitted to filling the outdoor device at least twice a day.

The Housing Court judge is awaiting further information from both parties but he asks that Kansky be judicious in filling the bird feeder until he decides whether or not she can keep it.

Gail Kansky holding the bird feeder while testifying

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