Pembroke: Volunteers move from PMB to a new internet-based access station

The former Executive Director of Pembroke Media Broadcasting, John Mattinson, calls it ‘television on-demand’.

He and Margaret Jones have launched their own local-access, internet-based station in the aftermath of a Plymouth group called PAC TV recently taking control of Pembroke’s three local channels.

Jones says out of the 75 or so former volunteers they haven’t lost anyone,  “When you go to a TV studio you don’t just go to make or watch shows, you go to make friends and see your friends. So it’ll be the same friends, the same social situation we had before.”

Without a centralized sound stage, production equipment is being housed at Jones’ business office but Mattinson explains they don’t necessarily need a closed set because some shows will be shot on-location with an audience, “We’ll still use backdrops and props but it’s open. There are more people and it’s more vibrant, there’s more feedback, there’s more give and take within a program. The audience will be able to ask questions of a guest instead of just the host.”

But regardless of the changes, the pair says everyone is on-board with their station.

“These are producers who you’d think would be set in their ways but they’re very much looking forward to the audience participation, going on location, the ability to edit through two different systems,” says Jones

The Attorney General’s office has certified the new group called Pembroke Community Media Center as a non-profit organization.

Mattinson says all Pembroke residents are welcome to volunteer or borrow equipment.

Local access programming can viewed on their website

Left to right: John Mattinson, Margaret Jones

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