Plymouth: Redevelopment Authority approves article to seek developer for 1820 courthouse

After a lengthy discussion Monday night, the Plymouth Redevelopment Authority approved two articles sponsored by the Board of Selectmen. One of them allows the Board to look for a developer for the 1820 Courthouse. The PRA met last night and heard Town Manager Melissa Arrighi’s request that the group support two articles scheduled for the fall town meeting.

The first article requests that control of the parking lot near Burial Hill be transferred to the Board of Selectmen from the School Committee: “We had tried to present this at the last town meeting and had not been successful. It did not have the support of the Redevelopment Authority.  And this evening, I’m pleased to report that they have supported that. Once in the custody of the Selectmen, the parking lot can be included in the RFP for the 1820 Courthouse Corridor.”  Arrighi also looked for support of the article related to that RFP:  “The article allows the Board of Selectmen to do up to a 99 year lease with some company or corporation for the 1820 Courthouse and the Commissioners’ Building. Currently that long-term lease is held by the Redevelopment Authority. This is going to allow us to give that to somebody else. So it was important to get the Redevelopment Authority’s buy in on it.”

That buy-in came after much discussion by PRA members about the possibility of the bid being awarded to a developer unacceptable to them. But, the group was in unanimous support once it was determined that in that case, the PRA could simply exercise veto power by not giving up the lease.

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