Scituate: Forum focuses on educational shifts in 21st Century

A forum was held at the Scituate Public Library Thursday night that focused on shifts in education in the 21st Century.

Former educator Betsy Connolly spoke at the forum, to talk about new ways that students are learning and being educated in the 21st Century, which can really be summed up in one word – technology.

Connolly said, “We’re not looking at a world that’s very different than the traditional educational system of the 1900’s. Technology is a part of every aspect of lives – education, before school, after school; every part of our lives. It’s where children seem to get a good amount of their knowledge, so let’s buy into that and include technology throughout our instruction, to make sure we follow the guidelines of 21st Century education which involve critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, being more aware of connections and interdisciplinary teaching and learning”, Connolly explained.

Connolly also explained that a lot of learning is taking place via the World Wide Web.

“We’re looking at globalization, where we’re now communicating and in touch with teachers or kids or people from other parts of the world. We’re problem solving online through Skype and through Facebook and working with other people who have come up with solutions that we haven’t thought of. We’re challenging ourselves to think outside of the box and come up with the impossible. If you think you can’t do it, what could you do to make it happen”?

Betsy Connolly is a former assistant principle in the Hingham Public Schools.


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