Scituate: GATRA unveils proposed bus route

Click map to enlarge proposed Scituate GATRA bus route

A public meeting was held in Scituate at the Harbor Community Building Thursday night, to talk about a proposed route for the town’s GATRA, ( Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority), Bus Service.

About 20 Scituate seniors came out for the public meeting to see the first draft of the bus route.

GATRA Administrator Frank Gay said the proposed route would consist of a loop between Scituate Harbor, Driftway and Route 3A.

“It’s a loop from the harbor area, down Driftway, up Route 3A to connect to town hall and the high school complex and serves some in the neighborhood areas along First Parish Road. This is our first iteration of what we thought might be a fixed route, for the town of Scituate”, Gay explained.

Some residents at the meeting also said they would like to see the bus go through the North Scituate area as well.

“I think there’s an interest in the North Scituate area that seems to be pretty strong. There are certainly some options. We haven’t really looked at North Scituate as a route, but we can come up with a couple of ideas that we can then talk to the selectmen about. It’s something I think that bears some merit that we need to look at”, Gay said.

GATRA will be conducting a survey starting next week online on the town’s website. Surveys will also be available at the Council On Aging and at elderly housing complexes in Scituate.


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