Bridgewater: Trial of a Brockton woman accused of murdering her ex-girlfriend’s Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor begins

In August of 2010, Eunice Field of Brockton allegedly walked into the Brockton police station with visible cuts on her hands and blood on her clothing saying that she killed Lorraine Wachsman in Wachsman’s Bridgewater apartment.

However when Field was brought to court, she pled not guilty.

Wednesday was the second day of trial and witness testimony was given. Sergeant Steven Bennett from the State Police’s Crime Scene Unit inspected the shoes Field’s was wearing when she walked into the police station and testified that there were bloody impressions on the carpet in Wachsman’s apartment.

“The comparison I made, the results were that it was similar in design and size, these two partial footwear impressions,” said Sergeant Bennett

Two videos were also presented as evidence by the prosecution which show Field being interviewed by police. Field gave a very descriptive confession of the murder to officers and said that Wachsman drove her and her ex-girlfriend further and further away from each other.

In the videos, Field admits to bringing a kitchen knife to Wachsman’s apartment and stabbing the Bridgewater woman three or four times in the chest.

While Sergeant Bennett testified, the prosecutor showed him the alleged murder weapon and asked him where it was found in Wachsman’s apartment, “On the kitchen counter, directly to the right of the sink, brown handle, silver blade—what appeared to be a steak knife…on that day I observed reddish brown stainings on it that appeared to be blood; I still observe that today.”

Also in the videos where Field allegedly confesses to the murder, she says she has bi-polar disorder and hadn’t taken her medication for two days. But she goes on to say that after she stabbed Wachsman, she layed down next to Wachsman’s dying body, looked her in the eyes, and said “mind your own business”.

The trial of Eunice Field is expected to continue Thursday inside Brockton Superior Court.

shown right: Eunice Field of Brockton

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