Duxbury: 9th Congressional District candidates talk healthcare

Wednesday night in Duxbury, the Plymouth Area League of Women Voters held the 1st debate between the candidates running for U.S Congressman in the 9th Congressional District.

The newly formed 9th Congressional District stretches from the South Shore down to Cape Cod and extends to the New Bedford/Fall River area.

The Affordable Health Care Act was signed into law in 2010 and with many changes on the way, all three candidates were asked if they support President Obama’s effort to reform healthcare.

Christopher Sheldon, a Republican, says he wants it repealed.

“We know a few things about the Affordable Healthcare Act; we know it’s going to cost more than they said, we know it’s not going to work the way it’s supposed to, we know that not everybody is going to be covered, and we know taxes are going to go up,” says Sheldon

Daniel Botelho is running as an independent in the race for Congressman and notes that Massachusetts was the 1st state to take on healthcare reform prior to the Affordable Care Act but says it has left Massachusetts workers out in the cold, with him being one of them.

Botelho has a resolution to how healthcare should be managed, “A two-party payer system where the United States of America gives every American citizen a basic, well-defined healthcare system and then a supplemental that you can go out and buy.”

However Bill Keating, a first term Democrat incumbent, believes healthcare reform in Massachusetts is working, saying Massachusetts reflects the future of healthcare nationwide.

“Look at the results on our economy. We were the 1st state out of the recession, we’re #5 in job creation and job growth, and our unemployment levels are almost two points below the national average. It has helped Massachusetts, it hasn’t hurt Massachusetts,” says Keating

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th.

Left to right: Daniel Botelho, Congressman Bill Keating (D), Chris Sheldon (R)

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