Hanson: Business owner finds a way to keep controversial signs displayed–for now

Sullivan Inc., a motorcycle accessories distributor owned by Robert Sullivan, is located on Route 27 in Hanson.

Five political signs about 12-square feet in size can be found on the front corner of the property despite a recent ruling by the Hanson Board of Appeals to remove them because they fail to meet the requirements of a temporary sign.

However, they’re no longer raised using metal stakes but rather four of the signs have been strapped down to a flatbed truck and the other, which shows Monica Lewinsky holding a cigar and referencing an alleged affair with President Bill Clinton, is taped to a company van.

But Hanson’s Zoning Enforcement Officer, Robert Curran, believes Sullivan is still in violation because the vehicles are parked on the front lawn of the property, “That area there is designed to be green space, it’s not designed to be parking. So whether or not he can park commercial vehicles on the front of that property is what I’m looking into and based on what I’ve seen so far it’s a violation in itself of zoning.”

But Curran also notes that Sullivan’s business is located on a dangerous curve and the vehicles themselves are distracting drivers.

“What’s going on now is that signs are getting moved to different locations and they’re being welded and bolted down to a flatbed and that in itself is a distraction. So it’s not the message on the signs, it’s just the distraction that’s going on there at that site,” says Curran

But Sullivan feels as though the town disapproves of the signs not because where they’re located but because of the political message, which has been labeled ‘offensive’ by some, “I think what’s offensive is when a President allows more money to go out then come in.”

The Hanson business owner says he’s willing to work with the town because he simply wants his political message displayed. “I want to be legal with what I’m doing but we also we need to get our message out there that we disapprove of the current political situation,” explains Sullivan

Sullivan says that after the November election, the signs will be removed. However the Hanson Zoning Enforcement Officer says Sullivan will be receiving notice that the signs are still in violation and they will need to be immediately removed or replaced with those that meet the requirements of a temporary sign.

Sullivan could be forced to pay a daily fine of $100.

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