Scituate: Selectmen draw the ownership line in the sand when it comes to Humarock Beach

A recent discovery found that Humarock Beach is private but the Town of Scituate has the right to claim a 300-foot stretch at the main entrance of the beach for public use.

According to Scituate Selectmen, all services, such as on-duty lifeguards, will continue but only on the public portion.

The Board repeatedly said beach services provided by the town will stay the same however Marilyn Howe, who owns a popular café found at the entrance of Humarock Beach—Sand’s End, explained that a lot has changed for beachgoers, “No longer can they walk along the beach unimpeded should those property owners choose to ask them to get off their property.”

Scituate Selectmen stated that any conflicts between beachgoers and private beach owners is a private matter and not their issue.

However Selectman John Danehey commented that, “It’s a sad day when people are selfish and not willing to share.”

But Dave McDonough, who’s a Humarock resident and one of the private beach owners, said they are willing to share but under certain conditions, “Just as long as they act like normal, decent human beings and they ask for permission to sunbath or swim. Now does that mean we’re going to open up the properties to the general public, people that are going to misbehave? The answer’s no.”

McDonough complained that beachgoers urinate on his property, play loud music, and leave trash.

Scituate Selectmen believe that Humarock Beach clean-ups, which are a joint effort between volunteers and the town, will continue for the entire beach.

Selectmen Chair Joe Norton said, “If we can legally clean, we will.”

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