Weymouth: Residents lash out at state officials during Route 18 reconstruction meeting

Representatives from the State Department of Transportation got an earful from residents at an informational meeting at Weymouth High School Wednesday night, regarding an estimated $30 million dollar proposal to widen Route 18.

About 80 people turned out for the meeting that discussed a proposal to widen a 4.1 mile stretch of Route 18 from Highland Place in Weymouth to Route 139 in Abington, which includes expanding the road from 2 to 4 lanes and replacing a bridge.

Residents as well as business owners lashed out against the plan and are worried about the impacts to their property.

Diane, a resident that lives in South Weymouth off Route 18 near Herbies Car Wash told the officials, “You’re doing this to eliminate some traffic problems. Once this begins and you have two and half to three years, so you’re saying (of construction) do have any idea of the insanity that’s going to down in that road? Other than whatever money is backing that this whole thing, or whatever is behind all this… do you have any idea of the insanity that’s going to down from where you begin construction to where you’re ending? Insanity!”

Mike Yazbeck owns the Family Service Gas Station on Route 18 and he’s worried about the impact the road construction might have on his business.

“What am I supposed to do? For two and half to three years you’re going to shut down Route 18. You’re going to put a barrier right in front of my gas station. I have a million dollar mortgage. What do I do? Close down and move on? Give it back to the bank? We got a mortgage to improve the place and we don’t even know where to start, because we don’t know how much land you’re going to take…we don’t know what we’re going to do with our pumps… we have no idea!”

The state DOT plans to hold a formal public hearing on the proposal sometime in December.


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