Plymouth: Local waste hauler says curbside pick-up will destroy business

Matt Romboldi, who runs Lombard Waste Services in Plymouth, a small local waste hauling operation believes his business will struggle to survive if the town goes to curbside pick-up.

Romboldi has been in business since 2005 when he officially took over from former Selectman Chris Lombard. During public comment at the Selectmen’s meeting this week, he told the Board why a decision by them to go to town-wide curbside pick-up makes him nervous:

“This will kill my business. This will cut half of my revenue on my residential customers. I won’t be able to grow. I’ll probably lay-off my newest employee.”

Romboldi says he wasn’t involved in the bidding process to provide curbside pick up of solid waste—a bid that went to ABC Disposal of New Bedford.

“Nobody asked me to put a bid in—quite frankly you need a $50,000 bond I think even to compete, so that doesn’t apply to me. It’s hard enough and it’s a sacrifice enough to keep a business, so why are they taking it from me?”

Town Manager Melissa Arrighi:

“He’s afraid of being driven out of business by this large company that can do it for a more competitive price and I understand his concern. But, we follow procurement laws so that bid was available to anybody that was able to bid on it.”

Romboldi also told the Board that it bothers him that ABC’s trucks will be coming from New Bedford so the town will get no excise tax on the purchase of new vehicles.

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