Plymouth: Selectmen kick trash can down the road

The Plymouth Board of Selectmen discuss—but do not decide—on what changes will possibly be made in the way people in town can dispose of their trash.

At their meeting on Tuesday night, the Board of Selectmen listened to a group of town officials, including DPW Director Jonathan Beder. They talked about the various methods of managing the town’s solid waste. And, during public comment Selectmen heard residents talk about the pros and cons of those methods. Linda Benezra was one of them. She told the Board studies show that when communities go to pay as you throw, as many as 10% can migrate away from the program, but that that’s okay:

“Those people will go to the private haulers, but the biggest piece about pay as you throw is the solid waste budget component of disposal. That’s the big price that we pay. Everything that we can do to reduce the volume that we need to dispose of and pay for, benefits the community in the long run.”

Selectman Chair Matt Muratore:

“ I agree with her. I think that is the way to go. The issue we have is the South Street transfer station, whether that’s going to be closed-open. That’s really the key to this whole thing and how much it’s going to cost to replace— if we’re going to replace it.”

In the end no vote was taken, Muratore explains:

“The reason for no vote tonight is because we need to still listen to the people that are out there. There’s18,000 households out there—we need to listen.”

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