Abington: Police intercept package of marijuana bound for employee at a group home

Abington Police have intercepted a shipment of marijuana coming from the West Coast destined for Abington, and a worker at a group home where that package was to be shipped has been charged.

Police said in a statement that they received a tip that a package containing 1 to 2 pounds of marijuana was to be delivered to a worker at a residential group home  on Centre Avenue, which assists children suffering from traumatic brain injury.

After getting a hit on the package from a Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department drug sniffing K9, police say detectives confronted a 21-year-old Randolph woman, identified as Keisha Toussaint, who was arriving to work at the facility and they believe was expecting the package.

Toussant was taken to the police station, where she confessed to expecting the package of marijuana – and said that she was working with another person to pick up the package and transport it to another location.

She was charged with conspiracy to violate the drugs laws and  possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Police said the case wouldn’t have been possible with out the cooperation of the group home, and that none of the home’s residents were home at the time of the police activity.

Police noted, “This investigation involved an employee of the Institute with no connected to the Institute other than a location for where the package was to be delivered.”

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