Grow Strong: the challenges of week 1

My first day exercising with Nancy reminded me how out of shape I am. Well, I knew this would happen. It’s certainly not stopping me, it’s only making me want to push harder. But our first session of exercise was very enlightening. I learned a few things:

1. My upper body is super weak.

2. My sneaker choice is terrible.

3. I really need to work on strengthening my core.

4. My legs are really strong! Ok, I knew this already but I didn’t want my list to be 100% negative!

I don’t feel negative, I feel really great though. Day one of exercising was aimed at focusing on my legs but Nancy altered the course of the day when I told her how much my left foot was hurting. I’ve never had an injury there but I do have flat feet. And after looking at my sneakers Nancy told me I need sneaks that offer more support. Check in with your Healthtrax front desk because I scored a pretty sweet coupon to one of their partners and got a great deal on sneakers that actually support my feet very well. I love them so much I posted a pic. :)

So since working on my legs was a little too painful due to the foot fatigue we switched to my arms. And boy did we focus on my arms! I could feel the effects of the exercises immediately…and the next day…and the day after that too. Bench sit ups and tossing a medicine ball back and forth really made an impact and quickly.

Since day one was focused on arms, my second session (Friday, Jan 25) focused on my legs. With my new sneaks I was ready to tackle the squats, lunges and leg presses with gusto! And no foot fatigue during our after our session! Amazing!!

It might seem like a minor detail but being prepared to exercise is very important. Nancy and I talk about that frequently. The shoes are important. The fuel is important. Making healthy eating choices is part of my personal battle and making sure I’ve properly fueled my gas tank before a workout is key. I make sure to have some protein 30 to 60 minutes before I hit the gym and I carry a water bottle around with me day and night to be sure I’m staying hydrated.

These are building blocks helping to build a strong foundation for my success. So I’ve had some challenges this week (the right gear, getting fueled properly) but I’ve faced them and I’m feeling great!

Can’t wait to catch up with Nancy this week! Oh and by the way if you have a question for Nancy please feel free to leave a comment here. :)

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