Hanover: Planning board discusses Woodland Village 40B zoning proposal

The Hanover planning board discussed their proposal Monday night to amend the town’s interchange district by-law, in an effort to strike an agreement with the developer of the Woodland Village 40 B affordable housing proposal.

The zoning by-law would be amended with the understanding that the Woodland Village developers would drop their 40 B proposal – 200 rental units across from the Hanover Mall – in favor of a typical residential and commercial development.

The proposal addresses neighbors concerns by eliminating a proposed access road and changing setbacks for the residential portion to a 50 foot buffer. The distance from the structure would also be dependent upon its height.

The by-law also allows for a car dealership on a strip of land within 600 feet of Route 3.

Woodland Village developer Brian Murphy shared his thoughts on the proposal and said, “They want to work with us to try to allow something that’s residential, but not 40B. It’s been a collaborative effort so far and we’re making progress. The devil’s in the details. We’ve got a little ways to go, but I think we’ll get something done.”

However, neighbor Rick Mattes says he still has some concerns about the proposal.

“There’s always the chance that they could renege on their agreement, unless something is actually in writing and it doesn’t sound like this is really going to be in writing. It almost sounds to me like it’s going to be a handshake type of agreement. There’s always that  possibility, so I think it would be good on Brian’s part to actually speak at the town meeting and try and convince the town.”

The planning board is scheduled to vote on the by-law proposal January 28.


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