Marshfield: Historical Society turns 100

The Marshfield Historical Society has a significant birthday. This year it becomes a centenarian. The society began its 100th year Sunday with a look back at 1913.

Four Marshfield High School students presented an overview of the year. Monarchies still ruled most of the nations and no nation allowed women to vote. Woodrow Wilson became President, the states ratified the 16th and 17 amendments, authorizing the income tax and allowing direct election of U.S. senators and Henry Ford turned on his assembly line for the first time.

Bill Dunn, of the Society’s 100th anniversary committee, shared what he gleaned from the 1913 town report. It showed a town of 2,000 people engaged mainly in farming and fishing, with shopkeepers, administrators and school teachers among the minority.

“The citizens of Marshfield, those farmers and fishermen and other tradesmen, worked together quite amazingly and solved, amongst themselves, any and all issues and problems that arose in 1913,” Dunn concluded.

Society president Tim Davidson mused on how historians would look back at 2013 in 100 years. He said people constantly make so much new history, future historians will always have something to learn.

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