Plymouth: Bills have been filed with the Legislature to improve Plymouth County’s fiscal stability

Plymouth County Treasurer Tom O’Brien will be taking the lead in the County Commissioners’ efforts to improve the county’s financial stability through action at the state level.

At a recent meeting of the Plymouth County Commissioners, Commission Chair Dan Pallotta announced that he and fellow Commissioners Greg Hanley and Sandra Wright have filed several bills with the Legislature to address longstanding issues with the state. He also noted that Treasurer Tom O’Brien is political, making him the best person to work toward passage of the bills. Treasurer O’Brien talked about some of the legislation that has been filed: “One addresses the issue of court house rent. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts pays us approximately 80% for every dollar we spend. As landlords, that’s not an equation that works for us. And we’re really looking to recapture every dollar that we spend. They also pay us late and in arrears, so we’re looking to correct that formula.”

Another formula the County would like to correct deals with deeds excise tax appropriation, according to O’Brien: “These Commissioners have taken a very forceful position and said: most of these are collected here in Plymouth County and they deserve to stay in Plymouth County. There’s also a piece of legislation that addresses the formula with respect to with recording fees. That formula would, again, return some of those fees back here to Plymouth County.” The County Commissioners are scheduled to meet next on January 31st.

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