Scituate: Advisory board reviews DPW fiscal 2014 budget

The Scituate Department of Public Works appeared before the town’s advisory committee Thursday night, to review their budget for fiscal 2014.

The DPW department heads reviewed some pressing needs in their capital budget, such as earmarking $3 million to replace old, outdated water pipes.

DPW director Al Bangert said public works is also planning the construction of a roundabout at the town’s most dangerous intersection.

“We’re focusing on a roundabout at the intersection of Beaver Dam, Lawson and Branch. It’s the highest intersection of accidents in Scituate. There’s nothing fatal there, but it’s the most accident prone area. Also, it’s difficult to get in and out of there. We own significant property in that area, so we have begun to do the surveying and engineering. We’ll do most of the engineering in house. We expect to have that potentially under way in construction later this year.”

Bangert also told the advisory committee that they’re planning to build a second roundabout at the intersection of First Parish Road and Country Way.

“The second one we’re working on is a roundabout to replace the traffic light at First Parish and Country Way. There’s significant interference of school children, sidewalks, pedestrians – parking in and out of the convenience store – so we think that a roundabout will fix that. We’ll work with the store owner to ensure that there’s adequate parking, so we’re not interfering with his business,” Bangert said.

The advisory board will meet again in two weeks, to review the town’s police and fire department budgets.


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