South Plymouth: Residents to hear from town officials on proposed curbside trash pickup

Plymouth’s Precinct 12 will host a meeting with town officials concerning proposed changes in the way solid waste will be disposed of because residents continue to have questions, even though the town has held three informational meetings concerning the matter in the last several months.

Precinct 12 Chairman Doug O’Roak, says that the potential switch to curbside pick up for the disposal of solid waste is especially problematic for people in his precinct:

“The residents of South Plymouth feel that there’s some challenges unique to our part of town because of the rural nature. There’s also a feel that the town is ready to move to curbside pickup exclusively and there isn’t much of a choice.”

O’Roak says residents want answers to specific questions especially those related to the practicality of curbside pickup for homes with long driveways:

“That’s a huge concern especially for elderly residents which we have a lot of in our part of town and it’s just how do you get a 96 gallon –or even they’ve suggested a container that’s half the size–even still some of these driveways are an eighth of a mile, a quarter mile long–how do you get these barrels down the driveway?”

The presentation by officials, such as the Town Manager, DPW Director and the Director of Environmental Affairs is expected to be brief to allow more time for feedback from residents The forum takes place on January 14th at South Middle School.

Doug O’Roak has returned papers to run for one of the two available seats on the Board of Selectmen. Current Selectmen Chair Matt Muratore has also returned papers. Selectman Sergio Harnais has not announced whether or not he will run for re-election. Plymouth’s town election is May 11th.

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