Bridgewater: Man steals necklace from dead woman’s body

An unidentified man recently snatched a gold necklace off of a deceased woman’s body at a Bridgewater funeral home, according to police.

A funeral service was scheduled at Prophett-Chapman Funeral Home and a man, who described himself as a family member, arrived two hours early to say a prayer.

“Everybody’s frame of mind at that time was obviously very sad so when somebody presents them self as a family member and wants to come in a little early, I’m sure it’s a difficult spot for them to say no,” said Bridgewater Police Lieutenant Tom Schlatz about the funeral home

Lieutenant Schlatz says they allowed the man to be alone with the 98-year-old deceased woman but after the man left it was discovered that the necklace was missing.

But Lieutenant Schlatz notes that the woman’s family is more concerned about retrieving the heart pendant necklace than pressing charges against the man, “The heart pendant was the wedding band of the deceased’s late husband that had been formed into the shape of a heart. According to the family, it was something that she wore everyday so the sentimental value, I’m sure, surpasses the monetary value.”

Bridgewater police have identified a suspect but they’re not releasing a name until he’s formally charged.

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