Grow Strong: I’m engaged! More motivation to live a healthier lifestyle!

What a week! Last Sunday morning my boyfriend popped the question and I said yes! I’m engaged to be married and I can’t wait! I have more motivation to make a difference in my lifestyle and my health because I want to grow old with Bobby Albany and I want to live a long, and healthy ,life by his side.

Today I can feel that motivation in my sore shoulders! Nancy would be very proud of me. Nancy, in case you’re just joining us for the first time, is my fitness trainer at Healthtrax in Hanover, located just off Rt. 53 at 20 East Street. She’s away for a few sessions and she left me with a goal: make the 30 minutes I’m at the gym not training with a fitness coach the strongest 30 minutes possible. While Nancy is out, Nikki will be training with me. But when I visit the gym on my own Nancy has me doing the following:

Instead of 30 minutes on the precor or the treadmill, I’ve been spicing up my time by hard-charging the treadmill for 2-3 solid minutes, jumping off and doing some core work and arm and leg strengthening reps. I love this! It makes the time fly by and I don’t get bored or distracted. I’m a woman on a mission and Nancy, I know you’d be proud of what I did on Saturday!

After running, or a very fast walk, on the treadmill I jump off and do a number of exercises that Nancy’s been teaching me which include core work with a medicine ball. I sit on the mat with the medicine ball and I do ab twists from side to side. Then I grab a bosu, you know those blue rubber 1/2 balls that balance themselves on the ground because the ball is cut in half and flat on one side? I grab a bosu and I do a set of push ups while balancing my hands on the bosu. Then I do a rep of curls for my biceps and for my triceps. Then I jump back on the treadmill for another 2 to 3 minutes of running or very fast walking and jump off once again! I did this about 6 or 7 times, for a total of about 35-40 minutes and it felt great! My heart rate stayed elevated and I was mixing up the routine to keep my muscles confused.

My goal this week: make Nancy very proud of me by doing this at least 4 days on my own, and see Nikki at Healthtrax for our two training days. I can do it! Because I want to Grow Strong, and live a long and healthy life with the love of my life.  Love you, Bobby Albany!!

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