Grow Strong: Listen to your body…and boxing!

Last week I missed a few days at the gym – and a session with Nancy – because of my cold. It was a total mojo slow-down. I was on a roll and all of a sudden was blindsided by the cold and just didn’t have the energy to get to the gym for a solid week. That was tough for the momentum I had built, but I was reminded of a very valuable lesson: listen to your body. Nancy says this to me during our sessions – she asks me how I’m feeling during the session and how I’ve felt after our last session. I’m pretty in tune with my body but it’s really helpful to be reminded that when you’re sick you have to be careful not to push yourself to get back at your routine (new or old) too soon. It only sets you back and you have to recover all over again.

Finally Friday I felt up to a workout. Not a full hour, but 45 minutes with Nancy was just what the doctor ordered. We focused on upper body. It’s become our thing….lower body on Tuesday and upper body on Friday.

Today I learned some boxing moves!

Pink boxing gloves!!! Grow Strong with Nancy from Healthtrax

It was so fun! I wore pink Everlast gloves and really got an upper body workout doing so many punches and uppercuts. It was a lot of fun to do something new and different and feel the burn! In between the punches to Nancy’s hand I also beat up a bag. Ha! I also tossed a medicine ball to the wall of the racquetball court and doing squats on the way down. I was getting a serious upper body work out and it felt great.

Today was my lower body workout day and we worked with one of my favorite pieces of equipment: the kettle bell! This is a circular shaped weight, flat on the bottom, with a single handle – looks like a bell, get it? :)

The video we shot of the session shows how to do a proper kettle bell swing: combine a deep squat and as you straighten your legs you bring the kettle bell in front of you but not quite over your head fully. It’s a great full body workout!

On my non-Nancy days this week I’ll be shooting hoops in the gym like I did last night. I ran around and shot baskets for 45 minutes and it felt great. I was getting my cardio in and worked on strengthening my legs too. I love that Healthtrax has a basketball court, it really allows me to spice up my cardio. They also have a great pool and some day soon I’ll incorporate laps into my routine too. There are a ton of options to keep your routine at the gym fresh and different between the courts (basketball and racquetball), the pool, the spin bikes and the classes. I have a few favorite machines, but I like having options. :)

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